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Vegan and vegetarian veggie sticks – a hit not only in hot dogs!

Hot dogs are making a big comeback. Their revival has seen a wealth of creative and unusual modern recipes. What’s more, these new hot dogs fit in everywhere, from catered events to over-the-counter service in canteens and food vans. They can also be found in burger restaurants and even on the menus of fashionable restaurants. To cater to this trend, FRoSTA has released two new versions of Veggie Sticks with a unique flavour – one vegetarian and one vegan:

  • Crunchy on the outside with a soft centre
  • Hot dog length (15 cm)
  • Quick to prepare in a combi steamer or fryer
  • Also ideal as a filling for great wraps and burritos

Superfood made easy! Four super products

There is a growing trend towards healthy eating. More and more customers in shops and restaurants expect products that meet this trend. A number of foods are highly in favour among consumers right now. These include:

  • Kale, which is rich in protein and fibre
  • Quinoa, which contains much more protein than cereals and is low in fat and sugar Lentils,
  • which are rich in protein and a good source of fibre
  • Bulgar, which is also rich in fibre but low in fat and sugar

Against this background, we have developed some new superfood products that make it easy for you to follow the superfood trend!

Golden coastal batter and succulent Alaskan pollack fillet with the MSC seal

Our new MSC Battered Fish Fingers from certified sustainable fisheries (MSC) are an addition to our range featuring FRoSTA’s original coastal batter, a unique, crispy batter of superior quality. Each portion weights 30 grams, making these new fried fish fingers an ideal snack – or simply place a pile in the centre of the table for a main meal.

New recipes, new portion sizes, even more MSC

Developed for the combi steamer, our pre-cooked MSC Breaded Mini Fish Cake »Combi Class« have an improved recipe for an even better flavour as well as a new, light and crispy breadcrumb coating. Given the enduring popularity of our FRoSTA classic – delicately seasoned fish burgers in a crispy breadcrumb coating – the same recipe has now been used for the MSC version, a 75g MSC Breaded Fish Cake in a light and crispy breadcrumb coating, now also available in 100-gram portions.

A specialist in fish burgers, FRoSTA offers portion sizes from 20g to 100g to cater for a wide range of users and culinary possibilities. What’s more, four of the five FRoSTA fish burgers are MSC-certified.

A new convenience range with MSC salmon

Coated in crispy breadcrumbs, wrapped in soft puff pastry or marinated in bold flavours with grill stripes – that is how we have chosen to present our new salmon convenience range, which features succulent fillets of wild salmon from northern fishing areas, mostly Norwegian waters. Four different options and four times the delicious flavour: the new MSC Salmon Fillet in crispy Breading has a crunchy coating while our MSC Salmon Fillet in Puff Pastry is now available both as a 150g portion and a smaller 90g portion, both of which combine soft puff pastry with a soft spinach filling. Our MSC Mini Salmon Fillet Port. with Grill Stripes, »Herb Butter Style« now also come from certified, sustainable fisheries – wild salmon fillets with grill stripes and a herb and butter sauce, now available with the MSC quality seal.

A colourful range of flavours with an international twist

A new addition to our range of 14 international pan-fry vegetable combinations, FRoSTA Stir-Fry Vegetables Kale »Edamame« contains ingredients that make it a superfood product. This special vegetable mix features kale and soya beans, already seasoned and prepared with butter.

Our classic Stir-Fry Vegetables »Farmer‘s Style« has been reinvented as FRoSTA Stir-Fry Cream Vegetables »Farmer‘s Style« with a new recipe with peas, yellow carrots, cauliflower and a sophisticated cream sauce:

  • Ready-seasoned with a hint of nutmeg
  • Chunky vegetable pieces
  • Handmade appearance

Our FRoSTA Stir-Fry Vegetables »Ratatouille« also has a new recipe, ready-seasoned and prepared in a tomato sauce with virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs.

Go for burger patties! Vegetarian and vegan

Burgers are in fashion in the food world. Increasingly, fast food is being reconceived as ‘fast good’ with a new dimension of high quality, including more and more vegetarian and vegan options. Our vegetarian Burger Patty »Grilled Vegetable« and vegan Burger Patty »Chili con Quinoa«, vegan are perfect for the fast good trend, and we have now added another vegetarian product to the range: Burger pattiesFRoSTA Burger Patty »Quinoa Pineapple« made from quinoa and pineapple with carrots and curry. All three patties stand out for the following features:

  • An extremely succulent texture
  • Stable handling
  • Uneven shape for a handmade appearance
  • Visible vegetable pieces
  • 120g, ideal for a five-inch bun

The intense flavour of these patties allows you to create a wide range of extravagant burgers. You can find six great recipe suggestions here.

Fish from the grill - we pre-grill, you finish them off!

Our range of grilled fish contains high quality fish and special marinades and features visible grill marks. New: mini grilled salmon with herbed butter.

  • farmed salmon fillet
  • Global G.A.P. certified
  • partially cooked with grill stripes
  • delicious barbecue flavour
  • marinated with herbed butter
  • DGE recommended

Weighing in at just 70 grams, this new smaller portion complies with the recommendations of the DGE's (German Nutrition Association) catering quality standards for nurseries and schools.

Our oK-Plus

Products bearing this seal contain no additives which have to be identified separately on the menu. They are also free from flavourings and yeast extract.

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