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Go for burger patties! Vegetarian and vegan

Burgers are a trend food. Fast food is increasingly developing into "fast good" – the art of eating quickly and well – and vegetarian and vegan are becoming an increasingly important part of this trend. Our new vegetarian grilled vegetables burger patties and our new vegan chilli con quinoa burger patties are perfectly examples of "fast good" products, thanks to these special qualities:

  • extra-juicy texture
  • remain intact when handled
  • irregular shapes for hand-made appearance
  • visible vegetables pieces
  • 120g – ideal for a 5-inch bun

These full-flavoured patties form an ideal basis for a wide choice of flamboyant burgers. You can find six fabulous recipe suggestions here.

Pan-fried vegetables – more versatile than ever

We are expanding our range of prepared vegetables with our new "rustic" roasted vegetables. With a deliciously distinctive flavour gained from being cooked in dry, hot air, this line:

  • comes ready seasoned
  • with rough-cut vegetable pieces
  • and an artisanal appearance
  • and is great as a side dish prepared in a cocotte

Butter enhances the taste of the oven dried tomatoes, carrots, string beans and red onions.

From March 2017, our "French style" pan-fried vegetables will be available with a "Café de Paris" sauce.

  • pre-seasoned
  • with a Café de Paris sauce
  • artisanal appearance
  • special ingredient: delicate rapeseed blossom

Romanesque broccoli, grilled courgette, cauliflower, yellow carrots, red onions and rapeseed blossoms are a treat for the eyes and the palate.

Fish from the grill - we pre-grill, you finish them off!

Our range of grilled fish contains high quality fish and special marinades and features visible grill marks. New: mini grilled salmon with herbed butter.

  • farmed salmon fillet
  • Global G.A.P. certified
  • partially cooked with grill stripes
  • delicious barbecue flavour
  • marinated with herbed butter
  • DGE recommended

Weighing in at just 70 grams, this new smaller portion complies with the recommendations of the DGE's (German Nutrition Association) catering quality standards for nurseries and schools.

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